Navy Gold Star


The Navy Gold Star Program is Here for You.

Navy Gold Star is the Navy’s official program for providing long-term support to surviving families of sailors who pass while on active duty. Often, after the loss of a loved one, unresolved issues or questions may present themselves months or years after a loss. The Navy is dedicated to providing long-term casualty assistance to foster resiliency for surviving families of deceased service members for as long as they desire. 

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Widows, parents and next-of-kin of deceased service members. The term “widow” includes widowers. The term “parents” includes mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, adoptive mother or father, and foster parents who stood in loco parentis. Next-of-kin includes children, brothers, sisters, half-brothers and half-sisters. Children include stepchildren and children through adoption.

Gold Star Referral

For more information about the Navy Gold Star Program, please call 1-888-509-8759 and a Navy Gold Star Coordinator will contact you. If you prefer to email, please email: 

Gold Star Coordinators

Navy Gold Star Coordinators use an all-inclusive approach to delivering services through a combination of available government and non-government programs and organizations — Chaplain services, personal financial counseling, school liaison assistance, family employment and clinical counseling.

Contact Information

1-888-509-8759 or emai

Navy Gold Star Area Supervisor West 901-930-8685

Navy Gold Star Program Facebook Page

Remembering the Fallen

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Gold Star Lapel Button

Gold Star Pins signify the ultimate sacrifice made by our Sailors and their Families. This symbol consists of a gold star on a purple background, bordered in gold and surrounded by gold laurel leaves. It is designated for eligible survivors of service members who lose their lives during any armed hostilities in which the United States is engaged, dating back to World War I. This includes service members who lose their lives while deployed in support of military operations against the enemy or during an international terrorist attack.

Next of Kin of Deceased Personnel Lapel Button

This symbol consists of a gold star within a circle that commemorates his or her honorable service. The gold star is also surrounded by sprigs of oak that represent the branches of the Armed Forces. It is designated for eligible survivors of service members who lose their lives while serving honorably under circumstances not defined above. This includes service members who lose their lives while assigned to a Reserve or National Guard unit in a drill status. It is authorized for issue retroactive to March 29, 1973.

Gold Star Service Flag

The Gold Star Service Flag is displayed in memory of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Gold Star Parking

Navy Gold Star makes life easier for the families of the fallen through specially marked parking spaces. They bear this signage and symbolize a Sailor’s sacrifice and that of those left behind. If you’re driving and see these dedicated spaces, please leave it vacant. It’s reserved, with much gratitude, for the families of those who gave.

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